”Daikan"(the first magistrate of Nagasaki)

Nagasaki Castella is said to have been first introduced officially to Japan in 1592, when Touan (等安) Murayama of Nagasaki learned the recipe from a Castilian traveler of a European ship visiting Nagasaki and presented it to Regent Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
Delighted by the Western delicacy, Hideyoshi named Touan the first magistrate of Nagasaki.
Initially, people of Nagasaki called the sweet “Castella Touan (等安)”, but legend has it that the Chinese characters meaning “sugar hut (糖庵)” were later applied to the sound “Touan” in “Nagasaki Castella Touan” because of the generous use of white sugar, which was not easily available in the olden days.

– From “Fun Facts about Nagasaki Sweets” by Tetsuya Etchu –


Our shop is a specialty shop dedicated to “handmade Castella” since its foundation.

Handmade Castella confectioner’s “Handmade, Single Oven Baking Method”

Castella confectioner learn how to bake Touan’s Castella from skilled senior Castella confectioners through close mentorship.
It therefore takes many years of practice to master the baking method and to become an independent Castella confectioner.
At Touan, select ingredients are mixed in our proprietary formula.”Awakiri”(removing bubbles) technique with a spatula when pouring dough into the mold determines the quality of baked Castella. Because “handmade” is Touan’s obsession, a Castella confectioner stands by an oven until the moment Castella is baked. They adjust heat according to the room temperature and humidity of the day and concentrate all of their attention on the Castella baking in the oven. After the baking process, Castella is made to rest for one whole night to develop the moist texture unique to Nagasaki Castella.
We present Touan’s Castella, carefully baked by Castella confectioners, with the pride of Nagasaki.